“The empowerment still continues” | Lorna M., UK

“The empowerment still continues” | Lorna M., UK

A Soul Realignment genuinely impacts your life, for the better, on the long term. The process sets your personal growth in motion and allows you to manifest what you want in your life. A Soul Realignment enables you to deeply understand who you are at soul level. Identifying and clearing the energetic blockages that stand in your way open a door for you to empower your soul. Literally. Happy and grateful for Lorna’s recent feedback, a year after her initial soul realignment session. Thanks, Lorna!

“It’s been about a year since I’ve had a Soul re-alignment from you and still the empowerment continues. Highly recommend this to everyone and Tamara is a fabulous lady to guide you through your themes. 💕🙏❤️”



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28. October 2018

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