“Shifts, Healing And Deep Understanding” | Nico L. | UK

“Shifts, Healing And Deep Understanding” | Nico L. | UK
VERY happy about this fantastic feedback from Nico. She continued her journey of clearing karmic patterns and energetic blockages with a life situation reading. She focused on this process with her beautiful heart full of love, with lots of dedication, focus, and very clear intentions. Thank you so much, it was such a pleasure and gift to work with you, dear Nico <3
“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have just finished my final homework and the shifts, healings and understanding that has been ignited from this process is hard to put into words. Tamara is a gifted, humble and truly ethical healer, her intent is to make this world a better place and I feel truly blessed to know her and receive her gift of realignment, I think everyone should go through this process to help move through their stuff and be a more present human 🙂 I love and thank you xxxxxxxxxxx”

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24. March 2018

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