“Increased Awareness” | Cori O. | Germany

“Increased Awareness” | Cori O. | Germany

Very happy about this lovely feedback from Cori. She had a challenging time over the last couple of months in various areas of her life. A soul realignment helps to join the dots on a deeper level and to clear current blockages. Thanks so much, Cori!

“Dear Tamara, thanks so much for your lovely support over the last couple of weeks. You really know how to provide strength and comfort and how to create new perspectives. The soul realignment you created for me was surprising and very familiar at the same time. I have the feeling that I’m now walking with another level of awareness through my life, and I recognize a lot of things I wouldn’t have noticed before. I’m looking very much forward how things will unfold within the next couple of weeks. Thanks so much for all your support and guidance. I really appreciate working with you! Thanks

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7. March 2018