I was always fascinated by “all things soul,” personal development, spiritual growth and how to get access to universal wisdom.

When I was asked about my goals as a child, I always said I want to develop myself as best as possible. And I visualised the idea always with a big tree with strong roots, connected to the Earth and the Heaven at the same time.

More than 15 years ago, I started my spiritual learning and discovery journey as I questioned the consulting job I had at this time. This one- weekend course changed my life completely. Ever since, I took courses over many years, travelled around the world, learned, practised and earned, for instance, a certificate as a Sundoor Master, and as a Sundoor Breathwork Practitioner.

Then, I participated in a two-year spiritual leadership program, again in Scotland, with Peggy Dylan and Stephen Mulhearn. During this program, I got in touch with energetic work, with soul readings and soul realignment, based on reading energy signatures and reading the Akashic Records. New topics and new teachers, such as Toby Alexander and Andrrea Hess showed up. My soul was now ready for this work, and I discovered my passion and, a huge part of my soul’s highest path and purpose.

In April 2016, I got my soul reading, and it changed my life. Step by step, I have worked on the issues that came up, that didn’t allow me to live in line with my soul’s path and purpose. Different choices had to be made; choices I couldn’t make before I cleared old blockages and restrictions and leveraged my soul’s main energies, talents and themes. Ever since clearing energetic blockages became second nature to me. It made my life so much better, more intensive, more effective and more successful!

I am a certified SOUL REALIGNMENT ® Advanced Practitioner, and you can also find me here on my teacher’s page.
Additionally, I am an Aura Clearing Practitioner, certified by Toby Alexander
And I am an animal communicator, certified by my teacher Sylvia Raßloff.

In addition to the foundational SOUL REALIGNMENT ® service, I provide a couple of additional services that are all highly accurate and effective in various life situations. I hope you enjoy my website and your soul gets touched and inspired.



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